The SDDCA Management Committee has been working on the development of the “Unity in CommUNITY” program Mission, Purpose, Process and desired Outcomes for the last few months with unanimous committee endorsement ratified on the 8th of November 2016. 


This open-ended project aims to improve the Association’s capability to deliver upon our constitutional objectives to foster a sense of identity and civic pride in our community, to represent the best interests of residents and ratepayers in our community, to protect the environment and lifestyle enjoyed within our community and to act upon those developments and decisions which would impact upon either our community as a whole or upon individual residents within our community.


“To nurture and create opportunities for improved communication, collaboration and support for and between community (stakeholders) organisations, advocates, businesses and elected representatives who share or have overlapping communities or local and state government electorate regions”


To maximise the effectiveness and value delivered by community stakeholders, organisations, advocates, businesses and elected representatives to the communities and constituents they represent or service and to seek opportunities to minimise unnecessary replication.


Identify, contact and map the interest and willingness of community organisations, advocates and elected representatives to participate and nurture this project’s Mission statement above.

Parties willing to commit to the principles and objectives of this living document will be invited to be a signatory as a clear commitment to exploring opportunities to work in UNITY in any way possible.


The sharing and/or pooling of resources, expertise and information to nurture and grow a more robust and effective range of Community Engagement, Community Spirit building, Community Ownership and Community Communication across our respective and shared communities.

SDDCA Sponsors & Supporters

A very special thank you to the businesses and organisations that support the SDDCA to deliver all of the services and projects we do for Sippy Downs & District.