Community Spirit

Just two of the current ongoing projects we work on to foster community spirit is our Community News and Community Directory Websites offering the opportunity for local residents and businesses, to not only connect with the greater community, but to connect with each other and it’s FREE!

The SDDCA has held Community BBQ Days and accomplished much in it many years of operation and now our Community Spirit initiative is set to help us give even more back. Show your spirit and join the SDDCA today.

What is Community Spirit to you? If you think there is something we could do to foster community spirit we would love to hear from you!

Wikipedia states that Community Spirit is a group of people working together to help improve the community they live in. A phrase used to describe local people working together for a mutually positive and sometimes pleasurable result. This could be apparent at a community fair, a school fete, or in more practical situations where a local is in need of help and the community rally round to provide appropriate support. Other events that create community spirit could include charitable events at the community or church hall, or even putting together a team of volunteers to walk through local streets and clear them of rubbish.

The measure of community spirit is subjective, but could be considered by looking at the level of achievement from deeds done by the community alongside the level of contentment of the locals.

Community spirit is associated with voluntary work, favors and gestures of good will by residents and local businesses. Local voluntary organisations such as this Association, Neighborhood Watch and other local community engagements groups all nurture and help develop, maintain and create community spirit.