To us Community is one of the most important values after family, we believe community is just an extension of our family, our community surrounds us and in many ways molds our way of life, our environment and our collective future.

The word “community” is derived from the Latin word “communis”, simply meaning “things held in common”.

We believe community is not about individual recognition, reward, fame or notoriety, it is about compassion and care, it is about doing what is best for the whole with no reward, it is passionate and capable people coming together in the spirit of co-operation to achieve things TOGETHER as a team. We believe a strong Community nurtures courage and resilience and in turn yields options and strength.

We are committed to continue building the best online community network we can, to enable us to connect with all of you and all of you with each other in online environments that not only operate in the spirit of community but are built and managed to ensure a safe, welcoming, transparent, accountable and inclusive environment free from censorship in any form.

A community association such as the SDDCA does not run itself. The volunteers, supporters, partners, sponsors and members to the SDDCA are the sole reason we are able to operate and without them the SDDCA would not be able to hold meetings, pursue community matters, lobby local state and federal government or work closely with you for the sake of our collective community.

It is the support from our Financial Members, Community Partners and Sponsors that empower the SDDCA to operate and return to the community all that it does.

Are you a passionate, honest, trustworthy team player and want to support the SDDCA to do even more for and within the community?

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