SDDCA AGM 2017 – Wrap Up

SDDCA AGM 2017 – Wrap Up


The Sippy Downs and District Community Association – SDDCA AGM 2017  delivered a wealth of information for the local community across a range of topics including development, local and state governance and local policing last night.

We would like to thank speakers Trevor Devitt, Head of Communications at Youii insurance, Jarrod Bleijie MP, Member for Kawana, Mark Asang, Project Manager – Bruce Highway Upgrade, TMR, James brownsworth speaking on the proposed Community Facilities Precinct for the Crosby family, Steve Dickson MP, Member for Buderim, Cr Christian Dickson, Division 6 Sunshine Coast Council, Anthony Demiris – Avid Group Palmview Development and Sgt Brett Young Officer-in-Charge Sippy Downs police for their most valuable updates and information.

The wealth of information delivered at last nights SDDCA AGM 2017 is testament to the ongoing growth and refinement of the Sippy Downs and District area.


SDDCA AGM 2017 - Pictured Speaker - Cr Christian Dickson, Division 6 Councillor - Sunshine Coast Council

Pictured Speaker – Cr Christian Dickson, Division 6 Councillor – Sunshine Coast Council


Returning SDDCA President Matthew Druce said, “The SDDCA would like to thank all of the community members and VIP Guests who attended the meeting along with the evening’s speakers.

While we value all of the speakers and topics covered, of special interest to us as a community representative and advocacy body is the announcement of the proposed community facilities precinct presented by James Brownsworth on behalf of the Crosby family. This development has the potential to deliver long overdue and much needed community facilities. We will be investigating, exploring and seeking feedback from the community, together with council’s position on this proposal over the coming weeks and months.”

Mr Druce went on to say, “Sippy Downs was poorly planned and delivered but after 10 plus years we may just be on the precipice of seeing some of the biggest oversights delivered. Thanks to the commencement of the expanding Sippy Downs Town Centre, Cr Christian Dickson is now able to explore funding opportunities for the delivery of a library and meeting room facilities. Delivery of the proposed community facilities in these two precincts would see Sippy Downs residents enjoying facilities afforded to other master planned communities.

“We are fortunate to have a strong working relationship with Councillor Christian Dickson and the SDDCA is now calling on residents to learn more about the development proposal on the Crosby land (which includes land dedicated to sporting fields, community buildings and a community garden) and support the Association in our approach to council planning staff.”

More information including detailed maps will be able to be viewed on our website when we release detailed information tomorrow.

Official Release Date: 14 September 2017

SDDCA AGM 2017 – Follow Up

The SDDCA will also be publishing more detailed updates on other information presented on the evening over the coming week however not all information from the night is approved by the relevant speakers for public release beyond the SDDCA AGM 2017 format and attendees.

It is for this very reason that the SDDCA strongly urges community members to stay up to date with community meeting opportunities to ensure they are as informed as possible.

Media inquiries:
Matt Druce, President
Sippy Downs & District Community Assoc Inc
Ph: 0406 991 402

Chancellor State School – Traffic Solutions POLL

Chancellor State School – Traffic Solutions POLL

This POLL is designed to measure usage of the 3 proposed solutions being explored by Cr Christian Dickson​:

A. The existing loop back to University Way to exit the area with the addition of Traffic Lights

B. The one way Bus Lane to get through to Sippy Downs Drive to exit the area

C. The one way road to get through to Colombia St / Parkville Street to exit the area

All data is available LIVE one the poll is completed!

NB: We are also working on the exploration of all of the potential additional solutions raised by you, the community.

This poll in no way precludes more solutions being explored and delivered. The more solutions that can be delivered the better the overall outcome will be in reducing traffic congestion.





29 March 2016


IMG_0084Representatives of the Sippy Downs and District Community Association (SDDCA) met with the Hon Mark Bailey, Minister for Main Roads on the 23rd of March 2016 to discuss the upgrade of the Bruce Highway (Caloundra Rd to Sunshine Motorway).

SDDCA President Peter Kinchin said, “Since we were first advised of this project, the SDDCA has been very supportive of this upgrade which we feel is vital for the Sunshine Coast.”

Discussions focussed on the western service road and access to the Palmview development (set to house approx. 16000 people). This is a critical link to service the needs of the future Palmview community and prevent congestion on the existing Sippy Downs local road network.

The SDDCA has been liaIMG_0085ising with Sunshine Coast Council and the State Government for many years on this issue.   In October 2015, in our submission to the proposed Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 (Major Amendment – Palmview Structure Plan and Planning Scheme Policy), the SDDCA requested that the link be guaranteed.

“We are pleased that council has preserved the land option for a future access point from Palmview to the Bruce Highway western service road and the state government has confirmed that this connection has now been secured”, Mr Kinchin said.  “Discussions were also held regarding the #190 ramps.”

“The SDDCA will continue to liaise with Sunshine Coast TMR officers and an update on the project will be provided at a public meeting hosted by the SDDCA later this year.”

Media inquiries:
Peter Kinchin, President, Sippy Downs & District Community Inc
Ph:  0418 736 424

Sippy Downs Greenlink Axed – Community Wishes Prevail

Sippy Downs Greenlink Axed – Community Wishes Prevail

The SDDCA has been fortunate to have many committee members who over the past 8 years have contributed countless hours of their time to ensure that the interests of local residents have been defended and upheld. Many campaigns have been carried out on key issues relating to Palmview. Below is the timeline of events specifically relating to removal of the North-South Greenlink.
The entire executive committee dedicated hundreds of combined hours during 2010 to this one issue and the successful outcome would not have been possible without the unwavering support of Cr Christian Dickson and Jarrod Bleijie MP.
Greenlink AXED NO

Timeline Greenlink campaign by SCCDA Team

2009 Feb – SDDCA identified by Sunshine Coast Regional Council as a stakeholder and attend first Palmview briefing by council.
2009 Feb – Palmview Position Paper released for public comment. Residents ask SDDCA to lobby for removal of north-south “Greenlink” corridor along existing Energex easement.
2009 March – SDDCA lodge submission to Council on Palmview Position Paper. This is supported by hundreds of SDDCA proforma submissions.
2009 July – SDDCA host public meeting attended by 150 people. Main concern was alignment of north-south greenlink.
2010 March – Palmview Structure Plan released for public notification.
2010 March – SDDCA hosted public meeting with approx. 200 people attending
2010 April – 1442 signatures collected on parliamentary e-petition sponsored by Jarrod Bleijie MP calling for access to Bruce Highway from Palmview and removal of the north-south greenlink.
May 2010 – SDDCA lodge a 13 page submission to the Palmview Structure Plan. The contents were supported by 1259 SDDCA proforma submissions mainly from residents of Sippy Downs.
May 2010 – SDDCA made a presentation on Palmview to the full council.
Sept 2010 – Council considers public submissions and submits revised structure plan for consideration of state interests.
2010 Oct 5 – SDDCA representatives, together with Member for Kawana Jarrod Bleijie and Cr Christian Dickson met with Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Stirling Hinchliffe. SDDCA detailed concerns about greenlink corridor alignment and lobbied for access from Palmview to a future western service road on the Bruce Highway.
2010 Oct 12 –Minister conditionally approved the Palmview Structure Plan, subject to provision. The state interest review determined more consideration be given to the 1600 public submissions on the draft route for the north-south greenlink and to undertake further, more detailed studies of the greenlink public transport corridor alignments.
2010 – SDDCA hosted public meeting attending by approx. 100 people where details of the Palmview Structure Plan were released.
2010 November – Commencement of structure plan.
The north-south Greenlink remained in the Palmview Structure Plan until April 2015 when the Infrastructure Agreement was renegotiated by council.
2015 Apr 23 – Revised Palmview Infrastructure Agreement signed off by Council, Unitywater and the Palmview landowners, which included the removal of the north-south Greenlink.
It is very important to note that the SDDCA has done everything in its power to engage and inform local residents via the use of street signage for public meetings and range of other mediums including – the Community Website ( Buderim Chronicle, Sunshine Coast Daily, Radio, TV (news) also the Community Noticeboard at Woolworths Sippy Downs, letterbox drops, the monthly SDDCA column in Buderim Chronicle, and via email to people who have signed up for our e-newsletters.
This enabled the SDDCA to connect with the thousands of people who were willing to write their name and address on a properly made pro forma submission. This process enabled the SDDCA to represent the communities wishes.
We thank each and every resident and volunteer who contributed their time and effort to all the steps listed in this timeline to deliver this outstanding outcome.


We were thrilled today to meet with representatives of the WIN NEWS team who are covering the announcement that the Sippy Downs GREENLINK that was at one stage to be a Bus Link between the new Palmview Development and USC is finally off the table for good, never to be seen again just as thousands of locals wanted.

Congratulations and thank you to all the members of the community who supported the rejection of the Greenlink and especially to the volunteers to the SDDCA who over the last 7 years have worked tirelessly as a team to achieve this result for and on behalf of and at the request of thousands of local residents.

We would also like to personally thank our local Councillor Christian Dickson for his unrelenting support for the communities wishes to have this project scrapped.

Check out WIN News tonight for the full interview!

SDDCA Management Committee

ABC Sunshine Coast Interview – Bruce Highway Update 2

ABC Sunshine Coast Interview – Bruce Highway Update 2

Here is the link to an ABC Sunshine Coast Interview conducted on the 27th of August 2015 which conveys the position of the SDDCA regarding the Bruce Highway upgrade, followed by some positive comments from Steve Amos from Aussie World Garage/Exit 190.