Media Release WebsiteToday members of the SDDCA management committee received a briefing from the Department of Transport and Main Roads who relayed the
latest design for the Bruce Highway Upgrade (Caloundra Rd to Sunshine Motorway).

The $1b upgrade includes widening the Bruce Highway to 6 lanes, increasing speed limit to 110km, construction of a western service road and
re-configuring the Caloundra Rd interchange to a Diverging Diamond Interchange.

Mr Kinchin said, “During last year’s consultation process, the SDDCA stressed that of great importance to the Sippy Downs community was access to the new western service road for residents of the new Harmony development at Palmview East.” “The proposed upgrade for the Pignata Rd underpass has always been a priority for the SDDCA to relieve heavy traffic flow through the streets of Chancellor Park Estate at Sippy Downs from the new Harmony development. There will be a pedestrian/cycle path along the entire length of the Western Service Rd, which also connects to the upgraded underpass.”

The SDDCA supported retaining one southbound 190 exit ramp, subject to the following conditions:

  1. It meets current safety standards of DTMR
  2. It would not place funding of this project in jeopardy
  3. It allows for the complete project delivery, including expansion to 6 lanes
  4. It would not delay the connection to Palmview due to increased costs of construction or cause any impediment.

We are pleased to advise that these conditions have been upheld. The new design also allows for better access for southbound motorists to the Aussie
World precinct which is a bonus for local businesses.

Bruce Highway Upgrade Meeting SDDCA

Mr Kinchin said, “Additional benefits include an improved north bound exit onto the Bruce Highway from Sippy Downs and removing the current stop sign at Wilson Road. There is also a significant safety improvement for traffic travelling from the Bruce Highway onto the Sunshine Motorway, with the
proposed design removing the current dangerous weaving movement.”

An added bonus for the Sippy Downs community will be a major upgrade of the Sippy Downs Interchange, which was not included on previous plans.
Overall, the SDDCA committee was impressed with the layout which has addressed our concerns and we welcome commencement of the project.

The first public display of this design will be presented by representatives of DTMR at the SDDCA AGM on the 28th September at 7pm at the Chancellor State College Primary Campus Hall, Scholars Dr, Sippy Downs.

All are welcome to attend. Please visit the SDDCA website for meeting updates.

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29 March 2016


IMG_0084Representatives of the Sippy Downs and District Community Association (SDDCA) met with the Hon Mark Bailey, Minister for Main Roads on the 23rd of March 2016 to discuss the upgrade of the Bruce Highway (Caloundra Rd to Sunshine Motorway).

SDDCA President Peter Kinchin said, “Since we were first advised of this project, the SDDCA has been very supportive of this upgrade which we feel is vital for the Sunshine Coast.”

Discussions focussed on the western service road and access to the Palmview development (set to house approx. 16000 people). This is a critical link to service the needs of the future Palmview community and prevent congestion on the existing Sippy Downs local road network.

The SDDCA has been liaIMG_0085ising with Sunshine Coast Council and the State Government for many years on this issue.   In October 2015, in our submission to the proposed Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 (Major Amendment – Palmview Structure Plan and Planning Scheme Policy), the SDDCA requested that the link be guaranteed.

“We are pleased that council has preserved the land option for a future access point from Palmview to the Bruce Highway western service road and the state government has confirmed that this connection has now been secured”, Mr Kinchin said.  “Discussions were also held regarding the #190 ramps.”

“The SDDCA will continue to liaise with Sunshine Coast TMR officers and an update on the project will be provided at a public meeting hosted by the SDDCA later this year.”

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27 August 2015



The alarming news from last night’s Sippy Downs & District Community Association’s public meeting was that $907.2 million could be lost if the Sunshine Coast community does not unite and support the Bruce Highway upgrade project – Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway.

New SDDCA President Peter Kinchin said, “Approximately 100 people attended the meeting last night and we were pleased to offer residents the opportunity to view a presentation on  the Bruce Highway upgrade project by Amanda Yeates, Regional Director for North Coast and Wide Bay/Burnett, Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Project Director Gavin Soward.  The presentation was very informative and included directional arrows for various travel route so that the audience could clearly understand the proposed new traffic flow.

“In addition to the presentation, residents had the opportunity to ask questions on the project to four senior Main Roads staff and also Federal Member for Fisher Mal Brough.”

The outgoing SDDCA president stated “What is deeply concerning is the current campaign to “Save the exit 190 ramps”.  We would like to ensure that everyone understands that this project is a $1.134 billion project which is funded on an 80:20 basis.  This equates to the federal government contributing $907.2 million.  During a briefing on this project, the Department of Transport and Main Roads advised that federal government funding is contingent on the federal government identifying sufficient benefits to warrant the investment. The return of a 110km/hr speed limit will improve travel times and contribute to the overall benefits from the upgrade. Other key benefits include increase traffic capacity, road safety and bringing this section of the highway to the current standards. It would not be possible to achieve these benefits if all of the 190 ramps were to remain.”

Mal Brough, Federal Member for Fisher said: “It is essential that the community supports this initiative. The project represents significant infrastructure spend that will alleviate major traffic and safety issues.  We must ensure that there is no reason for this funding to be lost or delayed.”

 (Continuation of outgoing president’s report): The SDDCA is also concerned about information being circulated stating by the “Save Exit 190” Facebook group stating that the removal of the 190 ramps would generate traffic onto the local road network of Sippy Downs.  The fact is, we have known for several years that the Palmview greenfield development was NEVER going to get direct access onto the national highway.  The only way for the future 17000 residents to access the Bruce Highway without going through the streets of Sippy Downs is via a connection to the Western Service Road of the highway.

Member for Kawana Jarrod Bleijie said, “I have supported the SDDCA lobbying for a connection to the western service road and want to assure residents that this upgrade will not increase traffic through Sippy Downs from the future Palmview greenfield development.

(Continuation of outgoing president’s report): Mr Mr Blejie also raised the option of leaving one ramp out of the four 190 ramps open. That being the southbound entry ramp on the eastern side of the highway.  For the benefit of businesses in the Aussie World precinct, the SDDCA supports the further investigation of this proposal providing:

  1. It meets the current safety standards of DTMR.
    2.  It would not place funding of this project in jeopardy.
    3.  It allows for the complete project delivery, including expansion to 6 lanes.|
    4.  It would not delay the connection to Palmview due to increased costs of construction or cause any impediment.

Mr Kinchin said, “Interestingly, only two questions from the floor relating to the project were asked, and both related to hydrology. As the presentation was so thorough and residents also heard of the project benefits from the Federal and State Members, Councillor and the SDDCA committee, it appears that no further questions were necessary. DTMR also  provided details on ongoing community consultation.

“What is most concerning is the risk of having this $1.134 billion dollar project placed in jeopardy.”



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Bruce Highway Upgrade

Bruce Highway Upgrade



27 July 2015

Following the coverage in yesterday’s Sunshine Coast Daily regarding the future Bruce Highway upgrade the Sippy Downs & District Community Assoc wishes to clarify the following important information about the benefits of the upgrade to local residents.

SDDCA President Simon Poole said, “The SDDCA feels the need to assure residents that the removal of the ramps at Exit 190 and construction of the western service road will not generate more traffic into Sippy Downs from the future Palmview development. In fact, the western service road is an integral part of the planning to alleviate traffic from the Sippy Downs local road network and is something that the SDDCA has lobbied for over the past six years.”

When the plans for the Bruce Highway upgrade were released on 17 July 2015, the SDDCA was very pleased that the western service road was included. We acknowledge Federal Member for Fisher Mal Brough for his work lobbying for this important connection that was originally not to be included until stage 3 of the upgrade (post 10 years).”

“Mr Poole said, I would like to clarify the benefits of the western service road for the Sippy Downs and Palmview communities and the reasons that the ramps to the Aussie World precinct have to be removed:

  • The successful finalisation by Sunshine Coast Council in April this year of the Palmview Structure Plan Infrastructure Agreement (IA) was welcomed by the community. The updated IA included provision and future ability for the master developer’s to construct a future link to an upgraded Pignata Rd underpass that would connect to a two-way western service road from Steve Irwin Way in the south to Crosby Hill Road in the north.
  • This future connection from Palmview to the western service road has been a very important outcome to relieve the community’s concerns relating to the traffic flow for the additional 17,000 future Palmview residents and was supported by numerous submissions and a parliamentary petition tabled by Member for Kawana Jarrod Bleijie MP. Cr Christian Dickson has also strongly supported this additional connection from Palmview to the Bruce Highway in a move to reduce future traffic movements throughout the Sippy Downs area.
  • In simple terms, Palmview residents could choose to access the two-way western service road to travel south to Caloundra/Brisbane and north to connect to the Bruce Highway and Sunshine Motorway and return the same way rather than travel through Sippy Downs via Claymore Road or Springhill Drive. It will provide a safe and effective connection for those residents travelling to and from work and major centres on the coast.
  • This connection would be sequenced with the rest of the road network servicing Palmview, which commences with the extension of Claymore Road.
  • The SDDCA regards the upgrading of the highway to six lanes as essential in light of the increasing population on the Sunshine Coast and to improve the local economy and tourism. The SDDCA understands that maintaining the Palmview and Frizzo Road ramps creates an unsafe road environment by creating conflicting lane changing and merging movements, increasing the crash risk. This risk would be compounded in the ultimate eight lane development of the highway. The removal of the ramps will also allow for the speed limit to be increased to 110 kmp.
  • We have been advised that advanced directional signage for the Aussie World precinct will be provided on the Bruce Highway northbound and southbound to aid existing and future business operations.
  • Furthermore, the 17000 Palmview residents would be able to directly access the Aussie World Precinct without entering the Sippy Downs Road network. This will be an enormous boost for local businesses in that precinct.

The SDDCA is currently waiting for the Palmview Structure Plan to be returned from the state government before the next public notification stage.  We are concerned that any negativity or misinformation generated will have an impact on the future planning requirements that the SDDCA has fought so hard for, with the support of the local community.

Mr Poole said, “As an incorporated community association we are very proud of the relationship that we have with all our local representatives as well as Sunshine Coast Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads.  We have worked together for the past six years regarding the future Palmview development to achieve the current plan.

I would like to clarify that although Mr Doroshenko was previously on the SDDCA committee, his views do not represent those of the Association.”

The SDDCA welcomes feedback from all members of the community regarding the Bruce Highway Upgrade and asks that all submissions, input and feedback be sent directly to:

SDDCA Committee