Media Release WebsiteToday members of the SDDCA management committee received a briefing from the Department of Transport and Main Roads who relayed the
latest design for the Bruce Highway Upgrade (Caloundra Rd to Sunshine Motorway).

The $1b upgrade includes widening the Bruce Highway to 6 lanes, increasing speed limit to 110km, construction of a western service road and
re-configuring the Caloundra Rd interchange to a Diverging Diamond Interchange.

Mr Kinchin said, “During last year’s consultation process, the SDDCA stressed that of great importance to the Sippy Downs community was access to the new western service road for residents of the new Harmony development at Palmview East.” “The proposed upgrade for the Pignata Rd underpass has always been a priority for the SDDCA to relieve heavy traffic flow through the streets of Chancellor Park Estate at Sippy Downs from the new Harmony development. There will be a pedestrian/cycle path along the entire length of the Western Service Rd, which also connects to the upgraded underpass.”

The SDDCA supported retaining one southbound 190 exit ramp, subject to the following conditions:

  1. It meets current safety standards of DTMR
  2. It would not place funding of this project in jeopardy
  3. It allows for the complete project delivery, including expansion to 6 lanes
  4. It would not delay the connection to Palmview due to increased costs of construction or cause any impediment.

We are pleased to advise that these conditions have been upheld. The new design also allows for better access for southbound motorists to the Aussie
World precinct which is a bonus for local businesses.

Bruce Highway Upgrade Meeting SDDCA

Mr Kinchin said, “Additional benefits include an improved north bound exit onto the Bruce Highway from Sippy Downs and removing the current stop sign at Wilson Road. There is also a significant safety improvement for traffic travelling from the Bruce Highway onto the Sunshine Motorway, with the
proposed design removing the current dangerous weaving movement.”

An added bonus for the Sippy Downs community will be a major upgrade of the Sippy Downs Interchange, which was not included on previous plans.
Overall, the SDDCA committee was impressed with the layout which has addressed our concerns and we welcome commencement of the project.

The first public display of this design will be presented by representatives of DTMR at the SDDCA AGM on the 28th September at 7pm at the Chancellor State College Primary Campus Hall, Scholars Dr, Sippy Downs.

All are welcome to attend. Please visit the SDDCA website for meeting updates.

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