Community Engagement

We are passionate about Community Engagement, because we are passionate people. In simple terms we are here to take community issues, concerns and recommendations directly to our local, state and federal authorities and follow them through on behalf of our community. To do this we must engage with you and you with us and together we can ensure that the SDDCA is always representative of our greater community.

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What are the benefits of quality community engagement?

Effective engagement is a vehicle that can be used to build more resilient relationships with community.

It can lead to the identification of mechanisms for building a community’s strength and its ability to join with government and other stakeholders in dealing with complex issues and change.

For stakeholders and communities:

  • With purposeful and well-planned engagement, there will be opportunities for a diversity of voices to be heard on issues which matter to people.
  • Communities can expect government to meet certain standards of engagement and give feedback on government’s ability to meet those standards.
  • Communities are able to identify their priorities for themselves.
  • There may be more ownership of solutions to current problems or building plans for the future so that the community shares in decision-making and has a higher level of responsibility for creating that future.
  • Engagement can foster a sense of belonging to community and considerable benefits from working together on behalf of the community.
  • Individuals may become empowered and proactive with regard to issues that affect them.

For government:

  • Community input can improve the quality of policy being developed, making it more practical and relevant.
  • Community input can ensure that services are delivered in a more effective and efficient way for that community.
  • Engaging with communities is a way for government to check the health of the relationship face-to-face. It can also explore ways in which government and community could work more closely on issues of concern to the community.
  • Engaging with communities is an opportunity for government to check its reputation status. Asking the community how the organisation is meeting local needs could be a positive or at least informative engagement exercise.
  • Early notice of emerging issues puts government in a better position to deal with those issues in a proactive way, instead of reacting as anger and conflict arise.
  • Good engagement enhances the reputation of the government as open, accountable and willing to listen.

Source info:http://www.dse.vic.gov.au/effective-engagement/introduction-to-engagement/benefits-of-successful-engagement